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Movie: The Amazing Spider Man

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To start off, I would like to say I'm biased because Tobey McGuire is not as aesthetically pleasing (to me) as Andrew Garfield simply because Andrew Garfield reminds me of Hayden Christensen...

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... and Anakin has a special place in my heart. I love their smile, their deep laugh lines really appeal to me. A LOT. And then there's his butt. 

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Anyway, I was totally against this remake because the previous Spiderman movie was done only 10 years ago. What's there to remake? I liked the old Spiderman movie. But all feelings of resentment disappeared when I saw the trailer and Andrew Garfield smiled. Sigh. And then I just had to watch it. I believe that humans naturally gravitate towards pretty things and people or whatever they are attracted to. But that's another post altogether, which I will publish right after this one. 

I really like how different it was from the other Spiderman movie. Most remakes just repackage instead of actually remaking but this is the real thing. Spiderman is a tremendously sad movie. He is like the bad luck Brian of all heroes (google if you don't get it). A tragic hero. Both versions emphasized that strongly, but this one definitely affected me more. I may have cried once during each installment of the other Spiderman, but I cried thrice during this ONE movie! Goddamnit. The only let down was Emma Stone. Why does her expressions have to be so... Epic? And not in a good way. Especially that part when they were about to have their first kiss. I thought she was going to sneeze, eat his face and vomit all at the same time. Her nostrils also flare up a lot and she has this mouth thing that she does which annoys me to no end. I think that she is so awkward and totally uncharismatic. Emma Stone's pretty, but not attractively so, if that makes sense (if you don't, wait for my next post). Another thing is, Andrew and Emma fidget a lot which was quite disturbing. Is it supposed to portray them being on drugs or something? Is that how our teenagers are nowadays? Is it a symptom of ADHD? No, seriously. Why?

You know that moment when you realize you're old because you fail to get it? That's how I felt when I was watching the movie and didn't get all that mulling and fidgeting. A little is fine because its realistic, teenagers mull and fidget... But they went overboard. It's like putting maple syrup on pancakes, a little bit is delicious but too much is sickening. I get that this movie is aimed at the newer generation of teens where it's not cool to be mainstream (but everyone's so alternative - for lack of better word, I'm not going to use unmainstream cos that's fucking retarded - it has become mainstream to be alternative, so why is mainstream uncool when the whole idea was to be different?), nerds are no longer victims of bullies because they are finally not viewed as losers (thanks Big Bang and the internet lol) and hipsters are cool... I don't know where all the hipsters came from but the thing is, you have to be effortless to be cool but hipsters try so hard so how the fuck did they make it to be the leading 'cool' stereotype? The new generation is filled with so many contradictions it just doesn't make sense. Whatever. If you're still with me so far, that's awesome. My point is, I get all that but I just don't get what all that spasming is about. 

This Peter Parker has been upgraded from the loser nerd (which Tobey McGuire portrayed) to a hipster nerd. From his thickly framed glasses to the retro camera he carried around... It all screamed HIPSTER! Then I realized he might look like a hipster but he didn't act like a hipster, so it's cool. :D Other than that, I would like to point out that he is probably the only teenager who has been accurately portrayed on the big screens so far. Honestly, he had a certain childish quality to him... A kid who hasn't really grown into his body yet. He doesn't have that confidence that most teenage characters in movies have, I never even noticed this. It was only after Andrew Garfield's stellar performance did I realize that hey all the past movies I watched had unrealistic teenagers because they all exuded a certain confidence and had poise. Andrew Garfield mulled and slouched and mumbled and fidgeted and was sarcastic realistically because he lacked (or suppressed) that subtle confidence. There were moments when you could see his attempts at confidence and it made me think about when I was a teenager. I didn't pay exceptional attention to my confidence whatsoever, I was too busy with being a teenager, but every once in a while, I would try it out for size and you could see it wavering. Hard to explain but I'm having fun trying to.

As far as the storyline goes, well... It's there. Could've been more though, could've been better. There were some filler moments which I hate, I mean if you have time to show him doing something totally irrelevant to the movie, you can take that away and put in something that actually contributes to the movie, right? The fight scenes were pretty fun, especially since this spiderman actually exhibits spiderlike actions. I've always liked how no matter how much spiderman does it's never enough. Anyone could relate to that.

Overall, it is watchable and I liked Andrew's realistic performance over Tobey's dazed, pathetic, nerdish version of Spiderman. I can't wait to watch it again. 


Too bad Peter Parker's quest for revenge went unfulfilled (but could be because Gwen's father called it his personal vendetta and he wanted to change and become a true hero) and what happened to his parents were not disclosed... I guess we'll have to wait for the sequel before we get any answers.

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